Welcome to our commercial stock list. All the vehicles you will see on this page will be for commercial purposes, we have a small selection of vans and pick ups available. Please note the description of these vehicles is only a guide so please feel free to call for more information, we would be more than happy to help with any inquiries. You are welcome to come and have a look at our cars anytime we are open, we can also arrange an out of hours viewing if it is needed, so please give us a call! Delivery on any of our vehicles can be arranged, head over to the contact page for our details.


Commercial Stock list

2007 Ford Transit 2.3 Duratec PETROL/LPG

Price: SOLD

Ford Transit 2.3 Petrol/LPG 350 LWB 2007/57

110,000 Miles

Has lpg conversion but i have no idea if its still working or connected
Was being used in London for a contract that has now finished

Starts and drives ok but the body needs attention as you can see

This van is sold on behalf of a company and comes as it is with NO Warranty as to its condition for use
but I have been told it was being used until recently

Had a power wash in the back of this van that they have removed

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2007 Ford Transit PETROL For sale